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Our mission is to help you manage and take control of your health care.

The Health Care and Fitness Journal is a smart choice for today's health care consumer.  It functions as an organizational tool by providing a central location for all of your health related information.  During doctor visits, the Health Care and Fitness Journal turns into a powerful tool by bridging the gap between you and your physician resulting in improved quality care.  

Recommended for individuals with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, as well as individuals seeking preventative measures.  Caregivers and patient advocates will find the Health Care and Fitness Journal to be particulary helpful.

Included in the journal are designated sections for you to:

  • List health care provider information
  • Schedule appointments
  • List allergies, conditions, and medications
  • Prepare for doctor visits
  • Record laboratory and diagnostic test results
  • Track blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Maintain a record of your dental and vision services
  • Chart nutrition and fitness habits
  • File prescription drug information



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